The dragon as seen in the trailers

The Dragon appears to be one of the game's first bosses.He mostly appears in most trailers and screenshots of the game


The dragon appears to have a large fat body,muscular legs and arms,a long neck and tail,short wings and long ears and as well horns and another horn at the end of his nose


Nothing much is known about the dragon. Just like most dragons he's able to breathe fire upon his enemies. Since he appears to be huge, it'll require team work to bring him down. It is unknown if the dragon is the only one in the game or there'll be more. Also he doesn't appear to have the ability to speak human language since he only roars. He is first encountered at a huge room in one of the dungeons as seen in gameplay trailers. He also appears to have a weakness towards magical attacks since it appeared that they do more damage than spears and swords to him. He's also seen chasing and fighting one of the knights in an other room in one of the trailers. It's unknown if the dragon has a name or what kind of dragon species he is.